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Sex as a Biological Variable in Preclinical Research

Who We Are

The Global Preclinical Data Forum is a jointly sponsored U.S. and European initiative that encourages global collaboration to address the challenge of ensuring that preclinical research is reproducible, robust and translatable to support disease research utility for clinical research & development (R&D).
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News & Events

Sex in Science Video Series to Strengthen Basic Research
Cohen Veterans Bioscience is proud to introduce an unprecedented new video series that provides the practical knowledge necessary for researchers to incorporate sex as a biological variable into their current and future research. The 18-part video training program was developed to help strengthen the translation of basic research findings to human care.
The Global Preclinical Data Forum, Cohen Veterans Bioscience and European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Announce 2022 Best Negative Data Prize in Preclinical Neuroscience
The Global Preclinical Data Forum, in collaboration with Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, announce the opening of submissions for the 2022 Best Negative Data Prize in Preclinical Neuroscience. The prize recognizes the researcher or research group whose publication in preclinical neuroscience best exemplifies data where the results do not confirm the expected outcomes or original hypotheses.