During the year, the Global Preclinical Data Forum Network organizes meetings for its members (also at the annual ECNP Congress).

Targeted Network Meetings

  • ‘What makes preclinical data translatable?’ (2 September 2015, after the 28th ECNP Congress, Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Other Events & Symposia

  • ERA-NET Neuron Symposium on Robust Research, 22 January 2019, Bonn, Germany.
  • Brainstorming session on drug discovery in the SUD / AUD field, 8 October 2018, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Symposium on criteria for “unquestionable preclinical efficacy” to prioritize development and POC studies in selected areas of neuroscience where etiological / construct validity is deemed to be relatively strong (stroke, TBI, PTSD, SUD / AUD), 20 April 2018, Leiden, the Netherlands.
  • ERA-NET Neuron Symposium on Open Science, 24 January 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Herrenhausen Conference “Lost in the Maze? Navigating Evidence and Ethics in Translational Neuroscience”, 14-16 February 2018, Hanover, Germany.
  • Symposium “Addressing the challenge: Approaches to generating more robust, reproducible, and predictive preclinical data”, Hellenic Neuroscience Society meeting, 9 December 2017, Athens, Greece.
  • Symposium on “Data quality, robustness and relevance in preclinical research and development”, 6th Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC), 21-24 May 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Symposium on data reproducibility, ECNP Annual Congress, 17-20 September 2016, Vienna, Austria.
  • ACNP Study Group on Reproducibility and Robustness of Experimental Data in the Neurosciences, 7 December 2015, Hollywood, FL, USA.
  • Network-NIH alignment Meeting, 17 October 2015, Chicago, IL, USA.
  • ECNP Network Workshop, 23 April 2015, Leiden, The Netherlands.