PEERS Webinar

Watch this webinar hosted by the Global Preclinical Data Forum and Cohen Veterans Bioscience.

Presented by Dr. Christoph Emmerich, the webinar explores a new community-driven platform aimed at guiding preclinical scientists on the factors of in vitro and in vivo protocols that need to be monitored and/or reported during an experiment.


PEERS Platform

Webinar Description

Scientific and laboratory workflows, techniques and models have become increasingly diverse and complex. Confronted with a multitude of information with ambiguous relevance for their specific experiments, scientists run the risk of overlooking critical factors that can influence the planning, conduct and results of their studies and that need to be considered a priori.

A proper catalogue of these influencing factors is missing to date. By establishing the “Platform for the Exchange of Experimental Research Standards (PEERS),” we seek to fill this gap.  PEERS allows users to search for factors and parameters that are relevant to their experiments and gives guidance and advice on how to leverage these factors to increase the quality, robustness and reproducibility of research.

Dr. Christoph Emmerich
Dr. Christoph Emmerich

During this webinar, Dr. Emmerich will explain the concept of PEERS in more detail and will present an overview of the existing platform structure and functionalities.

Dr. Emmerich will then also discuss plans for future direction and the next developmental phase.


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